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Karen is a fantastic realtor. She helped me sell my first home in four days and she helped me find my "forever" home as well. Among her many strengths are that she is highly responsive (she almost always answered my call or called me back within minutes) and that she is a bulldog when it comes to  negotiating, which I relied on heavily. Although I must have dragged her to 40+ homes over the course of eight months, she never wavered in her helpfulness or in her optimism that I would find the perfect home for myself. I highly recommend Karen! 

Lisa M.  Berwyn PA 

We were very pleased with Karen as she walked us through buying our house in Paoli. It was an exceptionally difficult seller's market while we were searching, and it was only due to her keen guidance that we stuck to our guns and found something great for our family with everything we  needed. Karen's local knowledge was outstanding, she's been in the local community for nearly 15 years but has lived in and around the western suburbs of Philly her whole life. She was also terrific about communicating with us in a timely manner, especially when the search was bleak. Most of all, we feel that we have formed a great rapport with Karen. She has contacts all over the place no matter what part of a house you need looked at. We loved her no-nonsense approach in a industry that's typically filled with nonsense. If you want an agent to puff you up and agree with everything you say (even if you don't know, because you aren't the expert), then go to one of these other main line agents. If you want an honest, real assessment from a professional who cares - give Karen a call. She'll give her all for you, and that's all we could have hoped for in this process. Thanks Karen! 

Brandon R.  Paoli PA

I met Karen at an open house and had a brief conversation with her about our situation. She kept in touch with me and followed up without being too aggressive. She's very familiar with the area and school districts, has a solid understanding of what our needs are, and does a great job keeping us on  track when we start to veer off course. Karen is professional, yet laid back and friendly, she makes communicating with her very easy, and responds to our questions and inquiries quickly. She's done a great job of being flexible with our busy family schedule. I would highly recommend her to all our family and friends. 

Francesca B.  Paoli PA

Karen works tirelessly to get the job done. She provides us with great advice because she is able to consider all aspects of our situation at once. We can count on her to be in constant contact and supportive; always on our side for the best outcome. There are many other realtors in the area but I  count on Karen for her accuracy, wit, honesty and straightforwardness.

Terri E. Paoli PA

We're just getting started, but Karen's input has helped shape our approach tremendously. She's knowledgeable and responsive, and has done a great job of listening to our interests so that our time is efficiently managed. Great experience so far!

Liam N. Bryn Mawr PA

Would definitely hire and recommend Karen in the future. She really went the extra mile to make my buying experience pleasant and easy! Loving our new home. Couldn't have done it without the assistants of Karen.

Sharon McQ. Berwyn PA


My wife and I have been looking to relocate to TE school district. This will be our 4th move in 12 years, so we have a lot of experience with realtors. Karen has been amazing to deal with so we feel compelled to share our review. She is professional, extremely responsive, and knows the area so  well-- streets, schools, neighborhoods in Berwyn/Devon/Paoli where we're looking-- and has a working knowledge of every property in our price range.
Karen is clearly intelligent, and given her business background and tenacity, the type of person you want negotiating on your behalf. She even gave us staging advice for our home which has been invaluable!

S Daley Devon PA

Karen Garbutt
Karen Garbutt